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Farewell, Tutsplus. It was fun.

30 March 2016

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Today marks my very last day as an instructor in the Tuts+ network. For more than four years I have been contributing to the community with video content in the many different categories of web development. My main focus has been on Ruby and I wouldn't have developed certain aspects of the craft if I didn't force myself to learn them to the point of having to teach them. For that and so much more, I want to address my sincerest appreciation for the Tuts+ family. Until now I have never been part of such a wonderful team. My life has changed for the better ever since I joined it.

I will be joining a new team as a Ruby developer in the following week, in which I'll be able to contribute to the world in a different way. A new cornerstone is being placed and I'm very excited to put myself to the challenge.

After all these years of education, I bow to my ignorance and recognize that I still have a lot to learn regarding web development with Ruby. I hope I can record some of that learning during this new experience.

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