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12 November 2011

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For those who don't care about astrology, try to follow along; the principle is pretty practical.

TL;DR – Being bossed around compromises inovation, creativity and it destroys one's true sense of purpose. Don't let that destroy you.

The Piscean Era has begun around 0-400 A.D and, according to the math, will last until very soon. The Pisces sign has several connotations: sacrifice, martyrization, faith, dogma and spiritual dictatorship. This is still a challenge for many creative and passionate developers who wish to spread wings and bring a better world through technology. Only the bravest survive the food chain and those won't don't become slaves.

The Aquarian Era follows the Piscean. It stands for freedom, love and consciousness. These are the values I fight for. My goal is to build great stuff on the web, the way I feel it should be done. A lot of what's built today looks great, but there are still major issues to tackle when it comes to fulfilling needs. Those needs are overrated and they don't help the smallest, the poorest and the less bright; they only serve the allegedly powerful and certainly wealthy.

Open source is an awesome Aquarian movement. It's not just the code, it's a whole mindset. It lets people make their move and be rewarded for it. That reward is not just money, it's also the joy of the contribution and hope for evolution.

This is not about companies anymore, each team member is too important to be masked with a company logo. People move a lot these days, there's actually no point in fixating all the credit in one company in a point in time. Letting developers choose what they want to do is crucial to creativity. They will do what it takes if they feel it's the right thing to do.

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