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Going for JRuby

20 October 2011

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The company I work for uses Java for all of its projects. Based on that, I have been considering looking into JRuby and giving it a try. Every piece of advice is greatly appreciated.


I play the Interaction Designer role and digging deeper to Struts and Java servlets, more than just HTML/CSS/jQuery, is becoming quite the challenge. I happen to love Rails and would love to try it out. My main goals are:

All of this while the rest of the team can still code the models (aka the business logic) the way they prefer. I think it's a good cause and it's a great opportunity to improve development happiness and systems integration.

The challenge

Here is a list of the things I know:

I also need to get in touch with these concepts:

I guess the main question would be: Where do I start? What am I supposed to know to begin developing some sort of Rails app, using it under Tomcat or Glassfish and reusing Java code from the rest of the team? Thanks for helping me, guys!

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