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05 July 2011

  • Development
Blogrite has been having a steady grow since I announced it; slow but growing still. Single pages finally work and I'm pretty happy with the results. Thanks to Ruben Fonseca for helping me out with this issue I had bugging me for quite some time. I have reached a milestone. The next thing I need to build is an index page that inevitably fetches all the posts I have. But how am I supposed to do that with files? If I didn't build Blogrite to allow multiple content providers, I would fix the posts' location into the filesystem and perform system calls like find or tail or something else. I wouldn't have to think about an index file that would be built everytime I write something new, in order to increase performance. But since this is not the case, I need to come up with a solution. What I do know is the responsability of getting the index content is the provider's. All of this considering an automated index page. There might be another ways of accomplishing this. I'm open to suggestions, throw 'em away.

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