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Blogrite - Git or Dropbox?

11 April 2011

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The absence of communication has been resounding for a while. I have been thinking about Blogrite, nonetheless. I want to show something in the local Ruby meetup next month.

The million dollar question

Today I went to #git in Freenode, asking for how should I learn git in order to use it as a filesystem and access it remotely via some server using Grit. The somehow arrogant yet most likely right answer I got was: don't. Well, what should I use then? The same guy didn't answer me (well, he did: "I don't know".) but another guy did.
Why not use Dropbox or Amazon S3?
Actually that is a great idea. Again, my principle is: keep it minimal and lightweight and still easy for geeks to use. Dropbox is definitely easy to use and maintain. You can also version the content with Git; it just won't be part of my engine.

The million dollar answer

I will use Dropbox as the content database. Git will have to wait. It shall come, but not just yet. This gives me opportunity to create modular adapters later on so I feel confortable with it.

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